What does 2021 hold for Hybrid Events?

During a truly unprecedented year for the events industry, 2020 saw a huge rise in Live Stream broadcasts and Hybrid events.

With Hybrid events involving both a live audience and an online one via live stream, more conferences, trade shows, seminars and workshops were hosted and shared in this manner then anyone could have anticipated.

In 2021, there is expected to be a further surge in the format as brands, companies and well-known events move deeper into virtual technology as a result of Covid-19.

Offering live stream services that are tailored for each individual client, livestream.uk prides itself on being on the pulse of exciting technology that allows brands to reach their audience in new and interesting ways. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the expected changes to happen within the hybrid events sector, as we anticipate what promises to be a busy year for our industry.

More professional-looking live streams

Although live streaming technology is far from new, the cancellation and postponements of so many events in 2020 caused by the Coronavirus pandemic meant that many were using such methods for the first time. This led to some streams being smoother than others, be that due to connectivity issues or simply not having up-to-date hardware required to host hybrid events.

As we are now almost a year into the so-called ‘new normal,’ the standard of live streaming has gone up and in 2021, we expect video quality, buffering speeds and streaming technology to carry on improving. Whether the more professional look is achieved by using more cameras, quality lighting or top-of-the-range sound equipment, livestream.uk is prepared to deliver.

Higher budgets and more jobs in the hybrid events sector.

Covid-19 has created a severe challenge for many businesses. However, for those who are quick to adapt their service and delivery of events, 2021 offers the chance for growth. With more people tuning into hybrid events now than ever before, budgets are higher in this part of the events industry.

As well as delivering a more professional outcome as noted above, the reliance on live streaming also offers the possibility of more jobs in the industry and more bespoke live streaming solutions like those offered by livestream.uk.